Sarah Nearis

Sarah is the Assistant Lifestyles Designer at AML.

From a young age, Sarah knew that she would make a career doing something she loved. After graduating High School and furthering her education in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Bay State College in Boston, she was working in retail and free-lance wardrobe styling. It wasn't long after when she completed several styling classes from the well known School of Style in Los Angeles and began working at Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles. From TV Pilots, Magazine Covers and working one-on-one with private clients, her love for Fashion and Timeless style has made her not only a dear friend but great assistant stylist at AML.

Secrets of a Fashion Stylist

The Secrets of a 
Fashion Stylist

By Sarah Nearis
Assistant Stylist at Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles

It's about this time of the year when us here at AML get extremely busy
 with work.Whether it be personal shopping trips, being asked
to speak at seminars for companies about how to dress well, or working
 on a project such as a magazine editorial, or styling some of
our west coast clients. I am so lucky to do what I do because
working as a fashion stylist never feels like work. I am
over-the-moon happy when I get to help my clients and
audiences with their style and fashion dilemma's, and now
I am passing on some of my best fashion tips to you!

If you ever wonder why celebs look picture perfect on
the red carpet or even in US Weekly grabbing coffee
 its because most of them have stylists that coordinate outfits
 for them way in advance. "Date night outfits, picking the kids
up from school",and the list goes on and on. Want to know
some of our secrets when working or shopping with clients? Keep on reading
and before you know it, throwing together an ensemble that leaves
you feeling confident and stylish will seem effortless.

Shop for your Size

One of the worst things you can fashionably do to
yourself is by dressing in sizes that are either too big
or too small. Taking measurements of yourself (bust,
waist, hips, etc) are key in looking sleek and put together.
No one looks good when clothing is hanging off of them
(sorry Olson twins!) or so tight you loose circulation.

Know your Body Type.

The beauty of being a woman is that we all come in
different shapes and sizes, and we have an endless amount
of clothing options to accentuate our curves and unique
features. It's important to know if you have a certain
body type, what to aim for and what to stay away from.
If you have wider hips, its always good to draw less
attention to them but accentuating your waist!
Shop Your Shape is a great website to help you discover
to body type you have and what type of clothing
looks best on you!

Find your Favorite Heels

Whether you love them or hate them, at the end
of the day, we all know that when we slip on our
favorite pair of sky high pumps or strappy heels,
you get that extra umph in your step. The key to some-what
enjoying your time when wearing them is finding the right ones
for your foot size/shape, indulging on a nicer pair that are
going to be more comfortable, and wearing them around
the house so that you can break them in properly. If you
know your going to be in them for hours, wearing inserts
like Dr. Scholls can help so much.

Don't Indulge in Trends

Ever heard the expression "one second it's in,
and the next it's out?" Welcome to the shelf life of
trends. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on 
pieces and accessories that won't be hanging around
in your wardrobe for long are not worth the big
spending that comes along with buying them. If you
like a certain trend, shop on flash-deal sites like 
Ideeli or Haute Look where you get designer pieces
for up to 80% off, or purchase small accessories of the
trend you like and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Invest in the Best

This tip is my favorite and its the simplest.
In fashion, pieces you intend to wear and keep
forever aren't cheap, but they are the ones who
remain in your closet for years to come and will
always be in style. A classic LBD or a fabulous
pair of patent leather pumps are always a
perfect fashion investment.

Take a Risk

Never be scared to try something new
that seems fun and exciting to you. Fashion is all
about taking risks and experimenting with your
personal style.

Have fun Accessorizing

If clothes aren't good enough, thank god 
for over sized floppy hats, statement jewelry and
amazing purses. Some love to pile it on,
will others like to do it one piece at a time,
either way, have fun with it and experiment with
new pieces, because accessories can take an
ensemble from boring to beaming.

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AML Fashion Week Recap!

Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles
Fashion Week Recap!

Written by Assistant Stylist
Sarah Nearis

On my way home from New York City, I wasn't thinking about
how much my feet were killing me for wearing 4 inch pumps for
 9 hours 3 days in a row, or about how badly I regretted getting a
chocolate cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, but all
I could think about was how quickly I could get home to put
together a post about all of the beautiful looks I saw
walk down the runway at Fashion Week.


Every fashion show I attended seemed to happen with such
grace and beauty (much from what goes on out back..pure chaos),as
 the clothing flowed delicatly down the runway.
The creams seemed richer and the trains of the dresses
seemed never ending. This was by far my favorite fashion
week so far.
I was lucky enough to see the shows of Jill Stuart, Tadashi,
Zang Toi, Timo Weiland and Tracey Reese. I loved and enjoyed
every show that I attended but if I had to choose a favorite
it would definitely be Zang Toi this year. He has emerged his
brand into such fashion royalty due to his elegant
pieces and feminine silhouettes.

Below are some of my favorite looks from Fashion Week.

Marcus Tondo /
Oscar de la Renta
 Filippo Fior /

Carolina Herrera
Filippo Fior/

Ralph Lauren
Photo by Monica Feudi /
Victoria by Victoria Beckham
Photo by Marcus Tondo/

Although I had a wonderful time at the shows, it wasn't
the same without my boss and very good friend, Amy McLaughlin
who had to stay home because any day now will be welcoming her
first child into the world. We'll be back at it in February for
Baby Isabella's first Fashion Week!

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Fall-ow These Rules

Fall-ow These Three Rules.

Are you ready to hit your favorite stores to
stock up on new clothing and accessories for fall?
You don't want to begin your shopping 
until you read our three fall shopping rules.

Shop Timelessly

We hear this phrase time and time again. Shop pieces
that will always be in style so after this year you can 
actually wear them again. My favorites are some great
cashmere cardigans, a great wrap dress, sweater dresses, 
a few pairs of really good jeans as well as nice black pants.

J CREW, $188

Don't Indulge Too Much in Trends
Trends is the keyword in this sentence and there is a reason
why you shouldn't spend your whole weeks paycheck on the 
latest trend you saw sported in ELLE MAGAZINE. Trends and
fads come and go and blowing too much money on pieces
you won't wear again is just a waste of money. To give in but
not over do it, purchase your self some accessories or more
affordable pieces and don't base whole looks around a
particular trend. Dressing from head to toe in say..
Leopard will just make you look like your trying
too hard.


Going Overboard: 
FENDI Blouse, $1990

Trendy Budget Friendly:, $78

Make A List

Despite what you might think, just because fall comes
around, that is no excuse to buy "new" things you already have.
Something I do whenever I go shopping, whether it is for
dresses or accessories, I always imagine my closet 
in my head and think of what exactly I NEED. Imagine
your closet and what pieces you already have and how you
can incorporate them into other seasons. Make a list of what 
you need so you have a strict idea of what to 
look for. Summer and spring blouses are great to 
wear under chunky knits or for layering. Buying 
things you don't need just create an
overly full closet and empty wallet.

Written by Assistant Fashion Stylist,
Sarah Nearis

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Fresh For Fall

Fresh For Fall

While some of you may think that I am way ahead of myself for talking 
about your fall wardrobes in the middle of July, I used to think like you. 
Seeing fall clothing on the floors of my favorite retail stores made 
my stomach turn thinking that September was right around the corner
 and that the summer was practically over. However, like many 
others, I got out of that phase quickly when I decided to embrace the 
change that was coming and began to love all of the new clothing that 
was right before my eyes. Summer isn't over just yet, you are 
just preparing for whats to come.

Fall is my favorite season for a few reasons; Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks, 
New York Fashion Week and of course, the clothes. The temperatures are 
perfectly mild and calls for jeans, boots and a light sweater. So much of 
fashion is released in September, hint, which is why the September issue 
of Vogue weighs more than a block of bricks. It is a beginning of a 
new start, cooler (not cold) crisper air, and the perfect excuse 
for a little retail therapy.

While I am on the road of retail therapy, I wanted to share 
with you one of my favorite clothing brands and their amazing 
pieces for the upcoming fall season. A local SoCal clothing 
company called Fresh Produce has debuted the perfect fall 
collection of cowl neck sweaters, scarfs and dresses to welcome the new season!

Here are some of my personal favorites...

Sweater Knit Drape Top $69
Slub Scarf in Catalina $29
Art School Tunic $52

Effortless 3/4 Sleeve Dress
Pointelle Wrap Cardigan $79
Swing Skirt $44

Like what you see?

Continue the browsing and indulge
in a little retail therapy at

Written by Sarah Nearis
Lifestyle Designer
Amy McLaughlin

Pretty In Pales
It's no surprise that when Spring rolls around, the colors in
 our wears go from dark and shady to bright
 and pale. Spring is by far one of my favorite seasons 
because the clothes are a little bit lighter in weight,
the fabrics get sheer and the colors get creamy and smooth. 
There is nothing I love more than throwing
 on my favorite pale pink shift dress, dressy sandals 
and meeting with my girlfriends to get
a drink on a beautiful 70 degree spring night.

Although you will find your favorite department store
and retailer filled with pale pieces, don't forget to mix
your new purchases with current selections in your
wardrobe already. This will keep money in your pocket
and let you create different ensembles with pieces you 
had. These pieces range from your favorite
blue jeans, black skinny pants and light weight cardigans.

Check out some of our favorite pale picks for 
Spring/Summer 2012 and take a walk
on the pale side...

Silk Chiffon Top $265

Joanna Tiered Sequin Top $258
Tammy Sateen Skirt $69.50
Floral Organza Dress $475

Sea Pony Vest $78
Strapless organic cotton eyelet and pale
pink dress. $19.95

Tinley Road
Printed Pleated Maxi Dress $89

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Our Favorite Springtime Dresses!

I am hands down a springtime dress girl. 
Whether its day or night, I would much rather throw on a dress than 
a pair of jeans or leggings in warmer weather any day of the week.
If you know me, you know that I would much rather be overdressed 
for any party, social outing or errand running. I was told from a young age to
 "dress the way you want to be adDRESSED" and from then
 on I have always opted to always look put together regardless 
of what I have going on! With that said, I want to share with you
some of my favorite springtime frocks that are stylish, comfortable and
affordable for any occasion and any day of the week.

Ann Taylor
Confetti Dress $248

Taylor Dresses
ZigZag Fit and Flare Dress $138

Wandu Crunch Shift Dress $275

Sara Campbell
Geo Print Kimono Dress $279

Sara Campbell is one of our local favorite designers!
Visit her store at :
44 Plympton Street
Boston, MA  02118
Scoop Jersey Maxi Dress

Calvin Klein
Salmon Crepe Ruffle Dress $89

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Fresh and Fabulous

There are a couple things us as women hate more than anything;
Not being able to find a shoe in our size, watching the time
barely tick away when we are running on the treadmill and
feeling uncomfortable in our clothes.

Being pregnant with my first baby has definitely changed
the way I want to dress. I find myself not wanting to wear
my 5 inch Louboutins or a curve hugging dress on date night.
However, thanks to the founders of Fresh Produce Clothing,
dressing comfortably won't make me sacrifice style. Being
able to find comfortable and stylish pieces to wear preggers or not
is definitely important to any women. 

Founded in 1984 by Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon in
Long Beach, CA, they aimed to create a casual, fun and
original resort and sportswear line, and have been doing
so ever since. Through out the line you can find the perfect
dress to wear to the beach, essential colorful cardigan and
the ever so trendy maxi skirt.

Although the list could go on and on,
I have pointed out a few of my favorites
that serve my wardrobe as everyday 
essentials as well as those pieces
that are perfect for days at the beach.

Soleil Dress in Morocco
in Oyster $41.99
Slub Scarf in Classic Stripe
in Peri Blue $29
Classic Stripe Tank in
South Beach Blue Print $39

What It Seams Skirt in White $79
Swing It Skirt in
Neon Hot Tropic $44
Knit Coastal Wrap Cardigan
in Oyster $61.99

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